FOWC with Fandango: Spry

I began to lose my spryness about 10 years ago. This is me with my first support, a stick. Today the stick is just in case, to take with me on the wheelchair. However, I no longer use the wheelchair so much. It is electric and quite useful, but the stores are not made for wheelchairs. Where do you put your shopping on the wheelchair? It was then that I discovered the scooter. There is an attachment for the walker and so you can go shopping: detach the walker and take it with you into the store to carry your groceries. Oh yes, I had to make many alterations in my life. The multiple sclerosis got me when I was least expecting it. It creeps up on you and slowly but surely it steals any opportunity of become spry in the advancing years. Today I use my walker everywhere at home, or grip the various pieces of furniture to help me on my way. It is all a matter of adapting and I am becoming an expert. Growing older caught me by surprise.. I never thought that something like this could happen, but it did. It is all a matter of learning by doing and I am one of the lucky ones. My disability is mainly fatigues, my legs refuse to do what they used to do, but they still carry me, with help from all my various supports. I even lost Mr. Swiss on the way as he is 8 years older than I am and is now in a golden oldie refuge. We now go for short walks together when I visit, each with your own walker. Spry: yes, spry with a walker or scooter.

FOWC with Fandango: Spry

11 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Spry

  1. I’ve gone through a similar progression of aids since age 55, 20 years ago. It amazes me how many things can go wrong with the body, yet, as noted by slmret, elsewhere in these comments, the spirit does keep one going! A positive attitude and the right supports make life pretty good. In my case, being able to drive a car still is the single biggest blessing.

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    • I just make the most of how it is. There are so many surprises on the way to getting older. I now longer have my driving licence, it was getting too dangerous for me to drive and Mr. Swiss lost his some time ago, but I manage OK with my scooter as I do not have to drive on the open road. I just do not give up and keep going. This whole MS thing took me by surprise. I have had it for many years, but did not realise it.


      • It’s great you can have mobility with the scooter! It helps, I imagine, that you live in a place where you can ride around in it with some actual safety. Anyway, here’s to your continuing mobility! Having that trailer that allows you to put purchases, too, is a neat solution to the utility of the scooter!

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  2. My husband will qualify for senior discounts at the stores and restaurants when his b-day comes this year, I qualify next year, He’ll have to wait seven or nine more years though to get the senior discount on property taxes. Recovery from injuries and surgery sure does take longer and longer as each year passes.

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    • Switzerland is not such a generous country for special dicounts as you get older. We have once a month a day at a certain Supermarket with a special rebate and some season tickets for travel on the trains are a little cheaper. Reduction on taxes only happens if you have more expenses due to your age (if you in a home perhaps).


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