RDP Sunday: Memorial

1st World War Memorial, Solothurn
Switzerland does not really do wars, at least not with other countries. They seem to have fought most battles with each other for grounding a new Kanton, or amalgamating with another Kanton. The last independnence day of a Kanton was when the Kanton of Jura was established in 1979. It used to be part of Kanton Bern, but after a few arguments and disagreements they gained their independence.

This has nothing to do with the memorial in the picture. As said, we do not fight wars, but defend our borders from those that might be fighting wars. This naked guy with the sword was our memorial to the 1st world war in our Kanton of Solothurn. It shows that even the Swiss were prepared to fight, although of course they were dressed for the combat. This memorial stands in one of our parks, although I often wonder if the youngsters know what it is.

As can be seen from the photo, the Swiss soldiiers were armed and dressed for the occasion. This photo shows my husband’s grandfather and his three brothers, great uncles, that were ready to stand by their country. They did not really have a choice I suppose.

RDP Sunday: Memorial

5 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Memorial

  1. Pat, as a little boy I had a Swiss lady for a baby sitter. I’get taken to her apartment, and watch TV. I’d also spend lots of time examining a carving she had of the Lion of Lucerne. I soaked up the story of the Swiss Guard from her. Only later did I learn how controversial the monument has been.

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