5 thoughts on “FOTD 17th March 2023: Grape Hyacinth

  1. Oh yes, I grew up with this. It is a long story, but to be brief, I spent much of my childhood trying to get rid of it for my mother, but then tried to get what little eventually remained of it to grow again. I got it out in the yard right now.

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  2. Grape hyacinth smell amazingly good! Better than any other flower I grow, including the roses. Right now, though, everything is pushing up green, but how much of it will survive to flower is hard to know. We are having a lot of war weather, then it gets very cold, but the next day it’s warm again. It is weird, weird weather.

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    • We have had some Spring days lately and the cold days are now over. Now and again we have some rain, but we need it. I have a patch of grape hyacinths that appear in my garden every yeaer.

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