RDP Wednesday: Delete

This week I began to delete my cellar. If you think this is a mess, you should have seen it before the men arrived tin the village o remove what I no longer needed. It was all on the street with the rubbish from the rest of the village Now all I have to do is to remove the rest if the unwanted rubbish. Mr. Swiss said that cellars are there for storing unwanted goods, but you can over do it a little bit. He had the habit of keeping the discarded and the broken goods as they might come in useful. After doing this for 50 years I decided they never came in useful. Do you realise how quickly computer parts become useless afer a few years when a new computer system arrives. Yes exactly. Today I again filled up the space in a garbage bag with stuff that might come in useful. Oh the joys of living if you are going to move every month. I have a new hobby.

REP Wednesday: Delete

3 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Delete

  1. oh the joys of stuff to keep or not! We moved to Switzerland 3yrs ago and I have yet to dare going to my cellar to see what I can bring to the ‘rubbish’ collection. Much of it was meant to be brought to fleamarkets etc., but we haven’t got any here and I can’t be bothered to spend days to sell a few bits and bobs…. so it will all go burned or discarded.

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