RDP Tuesday: Spellbound

Our town is a little speelbound at the moment, in the middle of the carnival. Luckily I live in a village outside of town so ae not so affected with clouds of confetti and people acting the fool. No harm in it really, it just annoys me. Again they put a decoration on the roof of our hot chestnut seller’s house, this time reprsenting life beneath the sea,

Many people get spellbound by the carnival effects, especially those that only live during the night.The genuine carnival people sleep during the day to celebrate at night. Today is the second procession in the afternoon. Afterwards there is a concert onthe stairs of our cathedral with the various guggamusic groups and afteerwards the fund continues in the various restaurants. As I said I live in a quiet village away from the maddesning crowds, although on my way this afternoon I noticed the streets were covered with remains of confetti. OK, only tomorrow and it will be over then life returns to is normal course.

RDP Tuesday: Spellbound

3 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Spellbound

  1. I‘m totally anti-Fasnacht…. But it seems to universally (in CH) today is Schüblig-Ziischtig (Tuesday) and everywhere you get this meal offered with potato salad…. Then we are living once more in peace and serenity.


    • I lived in Zürich Kreis 3 for 2 Years and thought Fassnacht was a few people dressed walking the streets or sitting in restaurants. After living in Solothurn for 54 years.I have realised it is a few thousand people taking over the town for a week.

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      • If you are not into Fasnacht, it‘s a tough time living in Solothurn….. We spent two days in Germany and were happy to flee back to Switzie when, on the same day, later on, Fasching broke out in force in the village we stayed in.

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