FOWD with Fandango: Why?

Why was it that when you walked through our village yesterday there were collections of furniture, and strange objects on the street. It was due to our twice a year collection of large unwanted objects. It was also the reason why I was absent yesterday. I also joined in the madness. One of my neighours helped me in the morning and in the evening my domestic help, Lucia, called past and my other neighbour moved a wardrobe from my cellar to the street. He did a fantastic job and at last I have a cellar that I can call a cellar. All the bulk has gone and now I can really begin to get it all organised. Tomorrow is the metal collection so this moring I was again busy with Lucia putting a few objects outside, but no so much as yesterday. Now I can really begin to live as if I would be moving house every month.
FOWD with Fandango: Why?

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