RDP Sunday: Forum

I am quite proud of this photo. I was 22 years old at the time and my company in Switzerland found that I would be the ideal person to take minutes (in shorthand) at a coference becing held in Oslo for safety in tools. Of course, I was ready and willing and departed with the plane to Oslo for the opportunitiy of a life time. I travelled with one of our managers and arrived safely. I had a nice hotel and for a week I was at the conference taking down everything that was said. It was pre computer days, so my notes were the main records of what was said. 5% of the language was French, but I managed that one as well. Of course we had some excursions around Oslo to see the sites and eating in a Norwegian restaurant every evening was also a positive aspect.

When I returned to Switzerland I had to type out my notes, but luckily I could still read them. A year later I was asked again for the conference, this time in London. However, I then had my first baby bump, so that was the end of my career as conference Secretary.

RDP Sunday: Foreum

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