RDP Tuesday: Celebrate

My main celebration was this morning when my lovely cleaning lady and also friend arrived this morning and she helped me my unwanted cardboard collection to move outside where it will be collected on Thursday. In the meanwhile another neighbour added to it, but I can honestly say that two thirds of this collection were mine. Buying goods online is quite good, but everything is delivered in a box which you have put in the special collection afterwards. As the collectors only come one every second month, it tends to accumulate and this is the result.

My next celebration today was this afternoon when I had a dental visit. Unfortunately part of one of my teeth left its place a couple of weeks ago. Actually I had no pain and could eat quite well, but it had to be repaired. After an hour in the chair all was repaired and I now have a new tooth half, replacing the half that decided to leave, which will probably be again an expensive repair.

So is you were expecting romantic Valentinesa today, you will be disappointed.

RDP Tuesday: Celebrate

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