RDP Friday: Pessimist

This building stands on the opposite bank of our local River that runs through our village. The smoke from the chimney is constant, from morning to evening and during the night. Are we being suffocated in our little village? Of course not. On the brighter side our garbage is being dealt with. Note the crane standing next to the chimney. Another negative point. Yes our garbage incinerator is being extended: another building to deal with our unwanted rubbish, Do we really produce so much unnecessary waste, it seems so, And so the smoke belches on, to ensure that we have no unwanted ballast in our lives. The local authorities ensure us that it is not dangerous. I have been living in this village for 30 years the the chimney has been there for all that time, so I suppose we are safe. Why worry? Just one of the facts of life we have to accept.

RDP Friday: Pessimist

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