11 thoughts on “FOTD 1st February 2023: Crocus

  1. I have not seen any crocus in our garden, but they may be buried under leaves. I don’t want to dig them out yet because we are getting ONE day of super cold weather. Saturday night and Sunday morning, it will be below zero here … about -10 degrees (-23 to you) — BUT it will be gone by night on Sunday. Weird weather. Really strange. I hope the birds don’t freeze.

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    • Our weather is still quite cold, although mid afternoon it can climb to 6 degrees Celsius, but there is always a cold wind blowing. The birds still visit here and I feed them, but it has been a mild Winter and they are just enjoying the food. Actually they are really overfed at the moment.


      • Birds don’t think they can be overfed. They are used to food just disappearing. When our neighbor died, all his birds migrated across the road, so now we have a lot more birds and have had to adjust how we feed them. There’s a limit to how much food I can afford and also to how much I can put outside for them. It’s not a huge deck. I know there are many other people feeding birds around here, but we live so far apart you never see each other.

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