RDP Monday: Chuckle

Not really chuckle, but today I was bappy. I made for the first time my own tomato soup, with real tomatoes. I had never done it before. I did write this week I was thinking about making soup, but the fancy soup maker was just a little bit too expensive and making soup is not the most difficult thing in the world. First of all I put the tomatoes in hot water to peel them. I really did not want to have to swallow pieces of skin. After peeling them I chopped them into small pieces. I sliced an echalot (an onion would do it just as well, but I happened to have an echalot and a clove of garlic) and fried it all in butter with the tomato pieces, added water enough for one person and left it to cook for 25 minutes. In the meanwhile I carried on with a bit of housework. Afterwards I pureed it with my kitchen appliance. I had some parsley so chopped it as a garnish and I must say I really enjoyed it. It s really so much better than from a paket. This is the beginning of my soup experiments. I have so many possibilities with my vegetables.

RDP Monday: Chuckle

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