RDP Sunday: Temptation

An enpty plastic conainer that once contained a vanilla cream – eaten by myself of course: Last week when ordering my groceries I deicded to treat myself to some creamy delights. They arruved, I put them in the fridge and more or less forgot them. Today I visited mr. Swiss in his Golden Oldie home.I usually arrive in the afternoon when they are served something sweet. I can also have some as well, but I do not usually bother. Today it was caramel köpfli (which seems to have the same name in english). I let mr. Swiss get on with it, but helped myself to a few spoonfulls. As they make everything themselves in his home it was really good and fresh.

I eventually left him as it began to snow. When I got home I remembered my vanilla creams neglected in the fridge.

What could be better. I even found some whipped cream to go with them. It is not often that I can fulfil my temptations so well, but I really enjoyed it. There are still three left for another day. That is why I could only take a photo of an empty cup.

RDP Sunday: Temptation

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