RDP Friday: Mountain

Talking to a Swiss about a mountain, the answer would be “which one”. Everything in this country goes either up or down, the flat parts are scarce, but we do have a few. This afternoon I was visiting Mr. Swiss in his Golden Oldie home, and on the way I pass by a range of mountains, known as the Jura. There are seven Jura chains and it goes up and down from our area until you arrive at the border town of Basel, or Bale as the French say.

This particular part of the Jura is a bit special for us, as on the high peak on the left is known as the Hasenmatt (Hare meadow) and is the highest point in our Kanton of Solothurn, In my younger days I actually got to the top of the Hasenmatt. Quite an exhausting clinmb but it was worth it for view at the top.

RDP Friday: Mountain

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