FOWC with Fandango: Spontaneous

My life has been spontaneous since I left the safety of my mum’s bump. I came to Switzerland spontaneously, married Mr. Swiss spontaneously, joined our village first aid organisation spontaneously, and learnt a few languages on the way, spontaneously. Are my spontaneous days now over? No not really. I now have a new project. I am not keen on food that comes from a packet and like to do it myself, knowing where and what the ingredients are. My latest spontaneous decision it make your own soup. I would say I was prompted by a decision from an online colleague who also likes to do his own thing. I have found a suitable soup maker where you just put in our veg or other ingredients, add stock and turn it on. The problem is that as all soups, it produces a liter of soup which I would never eat on my own. However, my colleague also found the solution and freezes what he cannot eat. That was another problem for me, how do I freeze my large soup quantities. Today I had a conversation with the cook in the home where Mr. Swiss is. Now I have the solution. Put the extra soup is a plastic bag and seal it, with my vacuum machine, do not vacuum it. Just put it in the freezer in poirtions and then you have your soup dishes for use, and it is all fresh vegetables. An ideal way of using your vegetables and what could be healthier. I have now decided to get my soup maker. The nice thing about it is that there is no washing up. Just fill the machine with water afterwards, switch it on and it cleans itself. What could be batter? Watch this space to see what happens. And now to order my soup maker 🙂
FOWC with Fandango: Spontaneious

8 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Spontaneous

  1. Most soups freeze well, though I don’t like how the texture of potatoes changes. It is nice, though to have some frozen soup to pull out on those days you don’t feel like making something to eat. I just make soup in a simple pan. I can’t imagine the benefit of a device that expensive to make soup.

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    • In the meanwhile I have also changed my mind about an expensive machine to make soup. I have a mixeer with a grinder and that is all I need. I can then just make the anount of soup I need, perhaps a double quantity for freezing. Today was really soup weather with temperatures of -3-4 °C and that is cold on a scooter with a head wind.


      • Oh dear! I can imagine it was a challenge on a scooter in those conditions!

        I’m with you on the soup business. It’s easy enough to make a small portion or two without a fancy, expensive gizmo!

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