RDP Thursday: Disposable

At the moment I wish that my complete cellar room was disposable. The best would be to start a fire and let is burn. It would save me a lot of problems, although the neighbours might not be so happy. We have a cardboard collection every 2-3 months. It used to be a couple of boxes. However we now live in an online time, meaning that just order it on the computer, telephone or whatever and you get it by post – in a box of course. Not only me, but the whole estate, town and village are doing it. It has spread like wildfire and the men that collect it now need a whole day instead of a couple of hours. Luckily my son puts it outside. On the same day there is a paper collection, mostly newspapers. I do not have the daily newspaper any more. It is too expensive and I can read what I want on the computer, although I still get the stupid advertising material which I do not want.

This collection will be on Tuesday next month. OK, but a week later we will have the grand disposable finale when you can put anything outside to be collected: and I again have enough to fill half a truck. This time I have no help from the son, he is working but my lovely cleaning lady, who does more than just clean, will be calling past to help me. When Mr. Swiss left I began to dispose of things no longer necessary. He was a master in keeping things just in case when he bought a new one. I cleared the apartment of unwanted, cleared the hobby room more or less and now it is the cellar that is ready for disposable. I have found things I did not even know we had. Four suitcases, about 6 bags, 3 loudspeakers just to name a few objects, not forgetting a cat door and a king sized broken chinese vase. I will not mention the various items that cannot just be thrown out but are taken to a special place for disposal. Luckily I have a helpful neighbour with a car and she will be helping me to take it there. Will this never end, I just want a nice neat undisposable place to live.

Yes modern life has become disposable.

RDP Thursday: Disposable

17 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Disposable

  1. I was reading an article just this week about things to get rid of, and it said one of the biggest reasons we accumulate items is ‘just in case.’ I guess it seems like a good thought at the time, but we sure pay for it later. I admire your great purge. I can hardly make any headway with my husband.

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  2. I can see how the build up happens and am glad you are able to get some help to clear out all of the unwanted bits and pieces.
    It is a big job and it took me a couple of years to clear out the stuff my ex left and didn’t seem to want. I wish you all the best in your endeavour and hope to see a neat and tidy space soon(ish)
    Thanks for joining in Pat 🙂 🙂

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    • I suppose I could just ignore it, my living space is now perfect, but I just cannot ignore it. My husband realised the problem, but he is no longer here and has his own health problems.

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  3. It’s a cardboard and packing materials world for sure. The best way to learn this is to have a few holidays and snowstorms stack up end on end, preventing the trash guy from emptying the dumpster! As I write, that very situation has happened twice in the past two months. I’m sick of all the trash building up in my home and the prospect of having to wait another day for the dumpster to be emptied! Being handicapped, I rely too much on Amazon for things I might find locally, so bring the cardboard and packing materials avalanche on.

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  4. I told my sister recently that I wanted to cut back my possessions, or should I say what possesses me, by about 1/3. Ha, fat chance, but even if I do a bit, it will be a victory. So, I box the stuff up for the thrift store, and then go to the thrift store and find what seems to be a treasure at the moment. Ask me about the 3 feet by 12 inches bird cage I used for last year’s Valentine’s Day and now have in the Thrift Store Donation pile Ha!

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