RDP Sunday: Shilly Shally

This morning was a shilly shally. My alarm sounded as usual at 7.30 a.m. and I switched it off as usual, but I decided it was too early to approach the outside world so I turned over and remained in bed. I am a golden oldie and for me actually week-ends do not really exist but this morning Sunday began for me at 9.00 a.m. I live with No. 1 son but it was out yesterday evening arriving home at 3-4 in the early morning hours so he sleeps in on Sunday until about 11.00 a.m. Oh, what a wonderful life.Otherwise morning continued as usual, with my first work being breakfast.: a cup of tea, bread and jam and my daily dose of Vitimin D drops.

I got my usual morning message on my phone from Mr. Swiss in his golden oldie home, so the world was in order. We have a strange married life, he being around the corner in huis home and me being at home, but it works. It is now almost a year since he has been living in the senior home. It was a difficult decision to make, but I could no longer cope and now he gets the care he needs. I visit quite often and have an insight into home life. I remember when I was younger visiting my grandmother in a home in England, I am glad that Mr. Swiss is in a home where he is cared for. Perhaps one day I will also need care. I never imagined that things change as you get older. I tend to forget things now, and have begun to keep notes of important things. I now have the responsibility of keeping the accounts, paying important bills and organising grocery shopping, Having MS I am no longer as mobile as I was, and have discoverred what a wonderful thing online shopping is. I order my provisions once a week and it is delivered regularly. I have a large freezer and have a vacuuming machine for freezing provisions. It is a new way of life, but it works. I have a cleaning lady that comes once a week mainly for my bathroom and shower which is difficult for me to clean. Otherwise general household chores with a vacuum cleaner are no problem.

Chores that used to be a matter of course, are no longer so simple. I seem to have a plan in my head of roads to cross which are no problem with a scooter. And if there is a doctor’s appointment to attend to you hope that the weather is scooter friendly and does not rain. – Organising a taxi is expensive.

Yes my life has changed a lot. I now realise more the problems that the golden oldies in my life, parents and grandparents, had as they grew older. At least I have a computer and Mobile phone to give me some mental support.

RDP Sunday: Shilly Shally

4 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Shilly Shally

  1. yeah, you have great control of your life and for your husband it’s the right place too. it’s lovely that you can visit him daily. i have friends where the wife is moving into a protected flat at a Altersheim, going there from a large house. her husband is not totally ready yet but will be, we are sure, in a matter of weeks, if that. he cannot really cope on his own in the house. it’s a great solution for elderly couples (84 & 82). They have their 2.5 room flat and eat lunch with the others, but prepare their own meals morning and evening.

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    • I am coping quite well on my own, and am lucky to have an just around the corner to Mr. Swiss. I have learnt a lot since being on my own: taking care of the accounts, knowing how the computer printer works and dealing with the computer installations. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown when he left, it was all getting too much for me especially with his health problems. Now we have both settled down and it was a good solution for both of us.

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