9 thoughts on “FOTD 13th January 2023: Trees

      • I sympathize with the skiers AND the hockey players since all the ponds are unfrozen, but for me, not having to trudge through ice and slush is a big improvement. Although I did fall a few days ago anyway. It wasn’t even a lot of snow, just a heavy dusting that was melting, but it stuck to my shoes and down I went. I’m almost walking normally again. Almost.

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          • Funny you should mention that. When I got up this morning, we had a couple of inches of slushy snow on the ground. We passed on Garry’s dental cleaning. If I’m going to have to drive again, I prefer it not be in our worst weather. It’s still not as cold as it usually gets this time of year. January isn’t our snowiest month, but it is always our coldest month.

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