FOWC with Fandango: Copy

Now is the time when the copy machines are working overtime. The tax documents are arriving, the annual report: how much money do you have, your country wants to know. I have already begun to collect them since last week, The bank has done their duty, but now I am receiving documents from places I never knew existed. My pension fund document arrived this morning. I am not just collecting for myself, but for Mr. Swiss, for our apartment, and for my No. 1 son. It all begun last year when Mr. Swiss moved on to his golden oldie home. We have a tax expert to finalise everything, but he can only finalise what he receives and I have to make sure he receives what he needs. Amongst my other jobs as cook, cleaner, laundry expeert and household organiser, I am now also an accountant. As long as the printer has enough ink in its many colours, it will be working overtime. I have already had to order two new colour refills, they do not last very long. I cic not even know how this machines functions, but luckily my cleaning lady, who is also an expert for household machines, and printers, taught me how to do it – so now no problem.

FPWC with Fandango: Copy

2 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Copy

    • I was left on my own with a copy machine and did not even know how to install ink. My cleaning lady showed me how to do it. She is really good at stuff like that. Otherwise I worked with computer for 30 years and did a course on building a web site.


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