RDP Saturday: Travel

If I was a bird there would be no problem. Just flap your wings and you are off. That was also the good old days of being a human. Just book a ticket for a plane or train and go and see places you have never seen. Today at the age of 76 with various health problems, I travel on the computer, perhaps TV or in a book. Life is not what it was and travel means you could bring back a souvenir that you really could do without, Covid has not yet disappeared and now we have a wave of flu so I prefer to stay where I am, a little in isolation, and watch the birds fly. Now and again I travel o my scooter to town.Life has changed and things have happened that I could not imagine.

RDP Saturday: Travel

2 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Travel

    • My travelling days are over. My people in England seem to be permanently on holiday in far places. It is almost part of their character although I think they just like to go places to brag about it afterwards.

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