RDP Friday: Keyboard

Yes, I have a keyboard belonging to my elecctric piano. I grew up with a piano at home. Even we poor families in the east End of London had a piano at home. My mum would play and my Aunt would play. They could not read sheet music, it was just a thump, thump, thump, but for a party it was good enough. Most of the tribe were happy with the drink supply and no-one really knew the music, it was just a party singalong.

Then I grew up, went to high school and had piano lessons, so our old piano was still in use, this time with the music notes. I had lessons for 5-6 years and my music knowledge progressed, but unfortunately the piano got lost on the way and a few strings broke in the meanwhile. I moved on in life, eventually arrived in Switzerland, got married, and yes, we got a piano. I eventually got this electric piano and was back in business, slthough just played for fun, This time no-one had to suffer as I had ear phones.

Today the piano stayes silent. I would like to play again, but my MS has slowed down my hands and it is no longer such fun, but we have a piano. It now supports family photos and a few paintings from Mr.Swiss. He also has a few photos there from his music friends when he played drums in various jazz groups.

RDP Friday: Keyboard

6 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Keyboard

  1. If you feel like playing again, even badly, or only hitting the right notes from time to time, then do it. I play the cello and it makes me feel instantly happier. Just making a tone which (on the cello) goes right through your body is a gift. Do NOT care about what the neighbours might think. Do it for yourself. And with headphones all the more. If your MS doesn‘t allow you to play much or well, do what you can and enjoy. But do it 🙂

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