RDP Sunday: Path

This is what I call my spare room. When Mr. Swiss was here it was trasnformed into a computer room with cables and accessability for working on my computer. It had a router and cables all behind the cupboard on the right hand side. He left almost a year ago for his golden oldie refuge. I spent an hour removing them this morning and the router which is no longer needed. On Christmas Day I noticed that the wooden floor had a large bump in front of the window, meaning something was wrong. I know this problem, we had it about 20 years ago in another room, but this time it was more a mini mountain than just a bump. You cannot see it on the photo, but believe me it is there and makes a noise when you walk over it. I contacted the company and was surprised to see they were available before the New Year Week-end and the guy came along a day later to inspect the damage. I now have an offer: either just replace the wood part that is affected or the whole room. Naturally there is a price difference, but worth thinking about doing the whole room. Of course I will have to move the furniture, but the guy said they could do it. I did some thinking and realised that I do not need the router or the extra cables as my computers are in another room and Mr. Swiss no longer has a computer. After checking with No. 2 son about removing the router and the cables, he said there would be no problem. I no longer need the router of the other bits and pieces, so I spend the morning removing it all. I visited Mr. Swiss this afternoon and he found I had taken the right path to organise it all.

I must say I am on a learning curve since he left and performing tasks I never knew I was capable of. I am getting quite pally with the repair men. The guy responsible for the wooden floor saw my orchid collectiong and it seems he is also an orchid fan and has a similar collection to mine. The cupboard in front of the bookcase is easily movable and I need it when I have to file documents. Talking of that, I can now begin to remove all the papers from my files relating to year 2013, as after ten years I no longer need them. This year has begun with new learning paths.

RDP Sunday: Path

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