RDP Tuesday: Spiderling

The spider and his lunch: lunch looks quite big for the spider to devour, but of course he saves it to make it last. I lost my fright of spiders wben I discovered photography.They were no longer the long polylegged insects to disturb, but the interesting insects. Their legs became interesting with their various sections and colours. I did not even have to creep up closer to them, my camera lens did it all for me. And when it was dinner time, well I had the best of both worlds. Spiders no longer make me scream or writhe in panic, they are an artistic object and what other insect creates a work of art with its home. My garden has become their home during the summer. Even in Winter they move in, but just hover on the ceiling. However, that is where I do tend to lose my understanding of their lifestyle: not because of their shape or form, but because of the mess make make with their webby hobby. That is where I tend to chase them out of my hiome. Otherwise let them be. They kill a fly for food and I am also a meat eater so everyone t their own. In the meanwhile you will see me in the garden close to a bush with my camera capturing the life of a spider.

Here the mother spider is carrying her many spiderlings in an agg sack,

RDP Tuesday: Spiderling

8 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Spiderling

  1. Once, decades ago, I spotted a large, beautiful green-bodied spider hanging from a strand of silk from the front yard maple tree. It was unusual, not one I’d ever seen before. “Mom! Come see this interesting spider!” I called out. My mother came over, knocked the spider on the ground, and squashed it with her foot. I was in shock! How one reacts to spiders shows how much they are understood by the individual. I am a live and let live person with regards spiders and snakes. My mother was not! Not to be pedantic but they are arachnids, not insects. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arachnid

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