7 thoughts on “FOTD 22nd December 2022: Orchid

  1. You have come a really long way as an orchid grower. That’s another beauty! I’ve got two setting buds and now, I can see buds. And Garry brought me a new one as my gift for the holidays. It’s the first rootbound orchid I’ve ever seen. It’s sort of perched on top of the dirt and doesn’t seem to want to be actually IN the soil. Maybe that’s the way they are supposed to be? As if it’s sort of in a tree?

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    • That is the way they grow I think, not actually in the earth but suspended from the tree. Since Marcel is no longer home, his daughter visits regularly and often brings me an orchid. She comes from Zürich and they have the special shops.


      • It’s funny how this new orchid has practically sprung up and out of the pot. Some of the roots are in the dirt, such as it is — mostly bark — but the rest is on top of the dirt and no matter what I do, it doesn’t want to stay in the soil. So I guess, lacking a tree, it’s doing its own thing — an independent orchid. I wish we had more places to buy them, but Garry seems to have found a florist and this orchid is definitely much healthier than any of the others I’ve gotten. I have great hopes for it.

        I hope you’ve had a decent holiday. I know it must be hard being so much alone. If Owen hadn’t moved back in, it would be much harder here.

        Truly getting old ain’t for the faint of heart but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of choices. You get old or you stop living. There was a line from one of the witches in on of Terry Pratchett’s books from one of the oldest witches who said that when you live to be very old, your young years are the same as everyone else’s, but you get to be old for a REALLY long time. Imagine being over 200 years old and really BEING 240, give or take the odd decade. You get to be really old for a long time. Magic may keep you alive longer, but it doesn’t keep you young. Or so said the witch!

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        • Orchids do ot really need a lot of earth at their feet unless they really outgrow the pot.
          I do not enjoy Christmas and will be glad whrn it is over. I just cooked something special for us. Marcel was home for Christmas Eve, which is our big celebration in Switzerland. Yesterday it actually stopped raining and I visited him in his home but today it is rain again. Tomorrow my other son and his family are visiting and we are all going for a meal in a local restaurant and at the end of the week my sons daughter will come with her son on a visit
          It does get a bit lonely at home, but I managed OK. With Marcel it would not work, he is now 85 years old and it is difficult with him. I also have my health problems, and he is only concerned with his own problems. I have now organised our home to suit my needs and my son and am still cleaning the rubbish left from my hoarding husband.


          • Garry’s a hoarder too. It took 15 years, but he FINALLY cleaned out his “office” which is now (again and FINALLY) a guest room. We needed an incoming visitor to get him moving. He’s closing in on 81, but he’s surprisingly healthy although to hear him complain (a lot of complaining!) you’d never know it.


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