FOWC with Fandango: Paragon

I have become a paragon of order. When Mr. Swiss moved to his golden oldie home I was left at home alone. Of course I miss him, but I have to keep myself occupied with something. It all began with his computers and their accessories. I discovered they were everywhere, in every cupboard nook and crannie. It was his way and honestly it never really bothered me, but I began to tidy things up and noticed that there was a lot to tidy. Slowly but surely things were sorted. I then discovered, with help from my wonderful cleaning lady who seems to be an expert for everything, having lived on her own for many years, that must of what we had was old, no longer useful and then suddenly after an afternoon of sorting electronics, I discovered that I had space.

I suppose that was where it all begun. Gradually my apartment began to breathe. I then cleared out our hobby room, more old computers and wires etc. and with help of a neighbour, even got rid of some furniture:. I had even more space and I discovered that space meant you could begin to organise. The last triumph was the cupboard in the photo. It had been in the hobby room for years, almost empty. I sorted it, I had space in the apartment, so it is now in the hallway and at last I could sort all the tools we had. I now find things, Life has changed for me. I deal with jobs immediately. I have order, and there is a place for everything. However, I must be careful, with my love of order. I have now discovered our cellar which seems to have been a place for keeping items that are no longer really needed. I have now arranged with with my cleaning lady that we will transport all the unwanted and useless items in her car to the cemetery for unwanted objects. When that is done life might become a little boring. Life alone also has it positive side, although I have non-one I can tell ab out my new way of life. I supposed we paragons need an audience.

FOWC with Fandango: Paragon

10 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Paragon

  1. Last year we tackled our basement in order to clear out a sewing / quilting space for my newly acquired hobby. It was exhilarating and so satisfying to get rid of no-longer-used items! I can totally relate. Congratulations!

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