FOWC with Fandango: Repair

As you may know I am now alone at home with my eldest son. Mr. Swiss is now in a golden oldie home since almost a year. I had to make a few changes and one was my new bedroom. After getting my new boxspring bed I realised had had to have a lamp, actually I got two, one for each side, as my bed is a little wider than the normal single bed. Unfortunately the plug sockets in the room are in a ridiculous place, behind the middle of the bed, so I decided on two so-call Fatboy lamps which need no plugs, you just charge them. Unfortunately one of the lamps had a problem after a couple of weeks. To switch it on you just pull the red tag, but the red tag decided not to be pulled as it should, and often I could not switch the lamp on or off without difficulty.

I decided to unscrew the bottom of the lamp as I was sure it could not be so difficult to discover the problem. After searching for a screwdriver that fitted the screws, which were tiny, I found what I needed and unscrewed the bottom. It was then obvious that the light element was no longer making contact with the red tag switch you have to pull to ignite it. I managed to fix it and then there was a problem. The screws were so tiny and naturally I dropped two of the three on the floor and spent an hour searching for them. Then I had to screw the bottom plate back to the lamp – also easier said then done, but I did not give up and after an hour of twiddling around with the screwdriver and screws I did it, although my language got quite colourful – in German and English with a few French words thrown in for good measure.

It now works again and I am quite proud of myself. Who needs a man when you can do it yourself. This all happened thia afternoon – did Fandango have a premonition?

FOWC with Fandango: Repair

7 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Repair

    • They make them in all sizes and are quite good , if they work. I now have order at home and a cupboard for all the tools. I found a good screwdriver and dismantled the lamp. I found the problem and repaired it and now it works again. I must say I am quite proud of myself.

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  1. We’ll done. Perseverance Pat. I hope you and mr swiss have adjusted easily to your new life. It’s a big change and it needs its own dose of perseverance. Wishing you well at Christmas.

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