RDP Friday: Hellacious

When I was younger, about 30-40 years ago and my legs were still attached to my body. I would do this walk a few times in the month, from the river up to the top.

This is the top and I would then reach my home in the village within minutes. Unfortunately my legs decided at one point to do their own thing and upwards walking was no longer in their programme. I tried it sideways for a while which did the trick, but even that became an impossible task. My walker refuses to ascend stairs and I have now removed this exercise from my programme.Actually I have removed all exercises fro my programme.

If I remember rightly there were 63 stairs to overcome and Mr. Swiss and I did it with no problem. Those were the days when we had no pains in our bodies. We were convinced we could carry on regardless. However, the regardless days are long gone with our various aches and pains and handicaps. At least we still have the photos to show we once did it. It is now definitely HELLaacious for both of us.

RDP Friday: Hellacious

7 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Hellacious

      • I’m so sorry. Not being able to walk is such a great loss. I had a torn meniscus last year that turned into deep vein thrombosis, so I had a few weeks with a walker. It was tough to take – especially for my husband to watch. I had faith that it would improve and it did. To have the loss permanently must be devastating.

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  1. Yeah…, unfortunately with the time things keep changing in our lives. My own turned upside-down since I lost my dear hubby – it will be one year without him now on 18 Dec. No more travels, no more travel photos, but only memories…

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