RDP Monday: Sterling

This is Swiss sterling, although I think it really only exists for English money. However, I was again clearing one of our many cupboards and found about three purses full of change. They were remainders from Mr. Swiss days at home as he never really liked having a lot of change, and just organised it in various purses. I no longer deal so much with real money, just plastic, but sometimes you need it. My. No. 1 son might bring me something I have forgotten from the store and then I need change to pay him my debt. And so I had the brilliant idea to put all the change in one place. It has already paid off as No. 1 son brought me something from a trip to Zürich and needed some extra change. There must be at least twenty Swiss Framcs in this glass.

Speaking of money we have now inherited Black Friday from the States. I have no idea why we have to have this, but I am probably too old for such new ideas. Black Friday was last week so now we can all relax I thought. However, it seems today is Cyber Monday when we feed our needs for computers and other electronic equipment. All the non selling items are now reduced in price and if you are clever you could probably build your own computer with all the rubbish they are offering. I am only really interested in food weeks, but that does not seem to exist – yet.

RDP Monday: Sterling

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