RDP Sunday: Moving

I once read that you should live as if you were moving every two weeks, and that is a good idea because when the time comes to move to another house, perhaps even in another town, you have a look around and the shock is complete when you realise what you have collected through the years. You noticed that half of the stuff you have to move you do not need and so you begin to organise it all.

That is where the building in the photo is happy. It was built to burn the rubbish that we do not need. Generally it lives on the garbage we collect daily and is collected by the garbage men once a week. This is our local waste incinerator, but this is just for the weekly use and you do not move weekly. You might move after a few years and that does not fit in a garbage bag and so the sortiing begins and organisation of a transport van for the bulk of the rubbish which you can drive to the plant yoursself. You drive it onto a scalle and you are charged for the weight of the goods. Mr. Swiss moved to a golden oldie home 11 moths ago and I am still finding items not needed but I am gradually getting there. I do not want to go into detail of what I found, but I now live as if I would be moving every two weeks.. Every tine I have a garbage bag, I top it up with unwanted items.

One of the Swiss problems is that you should only move twice a year, end March or end September by law. If you move out of these dates and you are renting, you should pay the rent for the months remaining outside these dates. If your rubbish exceeds a plastic bag you can order a container to be parked outside your home and can put everything in it. The rubbish collection is then organised and the container is taken to the incinerating plant. Of course this is also a matter of incurred costs, I know it. We once moved and had to organise a container. I am now hopefully in my last home, having moved twice in my life.

RDP Sunday: Moving

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