RDP Friday: Excresence

Another one of those wonderful words that I had never heard of. However, thanks to Wikipedia you find everything: an outgrown on a plant due to a disease or abnormality. Actually this is neither, but as we are nearing the festive season I thought it would be an opportunity to show some mistledtoe. I suupose you could call it a parasite as it draws its nourishment from other trees. We have quite a few samples in our neighbourhood.

It would be a good place to take a walk with the boyfriend for a kiss under the mistletoe.

RDP Friday: Excrescence

5 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Excresence

      • Forget-me-not is the State Flower of Alaska. Because some states share the same State Flowers, there are less than fifty State Flowers. Mistletoe is likely the oddest, although the cone and tassel of Eastern white pine is the state flower of Maine. Also, some State Flowers are vague, such as the sunflower of Kansas and the yucca of New Mexico. There are many species of sunflower and yucca, but none are specified. California supposedly has two State Trees, the coastal redwood and the giant redwood, although Californians know that, at the time, the giant redwood was not yet known to the politicians who designated the coastal redwood as the State Tree.


  1. We have lots of mistletoes here as well – they really show off in winter when the leaves of the host tree are missing. But I always imagine Miraculix (Getafix / Panoramix) from Asterix climbing up to cut them with his sickle when I see them.

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