RDP Tuesday: Sonnet

Let it be a sonnet under the moon
Although it is day and the clouds are here
If Shakespeare did not have these strange ideas
I would not be composting this sonnet
I compare nothing to a summers day
It is a cold Autumn day and is raining
Help me inspiration with ideas
Letting me bave likes for this poetry
Just six more lines to write and it is done
Oh grey and dull skies stop your rain falling
I am hungry not for love but for food
A biscuit or two and a banana
There are also oranges and apples
Let me drink a glass of coca cola

RDP Tuesday: Sonnet

17 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Sonnet

  1. Well done! I really like that you abandoned that whole abab cdcd efef gg construct. I think it was Gertrude Stein or maybe Alice B. Toklas that said forced rhymes were like a millstone around the neck of a poet. Your words have weight. They have value. Thank you for sharing them!

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