RDP Sunday: Drive

I know why I am glad I no longer am allowed to drive a car. This is tg
I was allowed to drive at the age of 35 yers, but was never really happy in a car. For the past ten years my only vehicle is my scooter as due to my MS ilness I can no longer drive a car. I also had a silly accident, driving over a red light, and I returned my licence before someone got killed. Driving in Switzerland, especially in Winter, was never fun and now I am happy to order my groceries onliine and let the others do the driving.
RDP Sunday: Drive

8 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Drive

  1. Where I live, there are ample days to bone up on one’s ice-covered roads driving skills, and I pride myself in being pretty darn good on bad roads. Of course, modern cars also come with brakes that do some of the light pumping to avoid skids for you when you try to stop or slow down on ice, but skill still is the word.

    My sister lives in Seattle, Washington, where snow is rare. One winter, she came over a hill and saw there was a smash-up at the bottom, where Seattle drivers skidded down an icy road and crashed into each other.

    Being a native Nebraskan and a skilled winter roads driver, my sister safely got her car down the hill and avoided hitting the pile-up of Seattle drivers’ vehicles.

    Then, another Seattle driver crested the hill, realized she was skidding out of control, so she hopped out of her car and let it careen driverless (!) down the hill into my sister’s car! My sister’s car was pushed into the crash-up pile and totaled.

    So much for being a skilled winter roads driver when no one else on the road is! I’m glad you have mobility without the car and alternative ways to get supplies in.

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    • I haf to learn how to drive on the icy roads. My brakes became something like raw eggs, using them without getting the eggs broken, but I managed eventally, although no something I enjoyed. your sister certinly had bad luck on her journey.


      • Ice is the worst to drive on. Sometimes the brakes can’t do the job no matter how qualified and experienced the driver. When the roads are that bad, the good driver knows to stay home!

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