14 thoughts on “FOTD 4th November 2022: Dahlia or Aster, perhaps Gerbera, but not a rose

      • I think all the daisy-like flowers are descendents of wild asters — and there are a lot of them too. I have seen really tiny ones, and big yellow ones and big white ones — and they are all some kind of wild aster. I think they bread all of the daisies and maybe zinnias from some version of wild daisy. These look kind of gerbera-like. So Gerbera are your special personal plants 🌺

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        • It is a chrysanthemum, although, ‘daisy’ is not totally incorrect. Daisy is a generic term that describes the form of such flowers more than an exact species. There are actually many species that are known as daisies. This particular chrysanthemum could be described as a daisy as well.


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