RDP Monday: Gruesome

This happened about a year ago. Yes, it is my arm. This is what can happen if you slip and fall and you try to stop your fall by resting the arm on a surface. Unfortunately the surface was the cooking range where there was boiling water in the pan where my arm found a resting place. I fell all the same and within a few minutes the medical help arrived and carted me off to the hospital for treatment on my burns. After a couple of hours they released me with a bandaged arm smothered in ointment. Today you cannot see anything although the top layer of skin was burnt away. And yes, as you can see, it was quite gruisome.

RDP Monday: Gruesome

12 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Gruesome

  1. I did that. Tripped over a piece of wood and landed with my hand flat on my hot wood stove. I had to push down to keep from continuing the fall and burning my face. Definitely gruesome! I’m glad we both healed up!

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