RDP Sunday: Sleep

I could call this photo “Find the Cat” but if you look carefully you will find our Fluffy sleeping amongst Mr. Swiss practice drum set. It seems that cats do not hear what they do not want to hear. A drum set is not exactly the ideal place for a sleep, but if you are a feline you take over.

Otherwise yesterday night was my favourite night of the year. Since Spring something was missing in my life, and yesterday night I found it again. Yes, the missing hour arrived. Imagine in the morning the alarm sounding at 7.30 a.m. and then I realised it was actually 8.30 a.m., my hour had returned. This continued throughout the morning and after ironing my washing I realised I should hurry to get dinner cooked. No way, I had not yet altered the time on the oven and micro wave. I thought that cannot be that I only have a few minutes to begin cooking, but when checking on my automatic timing machines which seem to be steered by some sort of satellite, I realised that I had gained an hour – again. This was perfect, what a wonderful day.

We should really change the clocks monthly, perhaps even weekly. Think of all the hours of sleep we would gain,

RDP Sunday: Sleep

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