RDP Saturday: Fear

I am a golden oldie, born just after the second world war, that my parents had to endure. Dad was abroad fighting, and mum was sheltering in the garden in the huts built for safety as the planes were flying over with their bombs.

Today we are living in fear of unseen enemies. Who would have thought that for some unknown reason a new virus would arrive threatening the human race, but it did. A few years ago we began to take our mask with us when entering the outside world. Shopping was no longer a chore, but an ordeal. You no longer recognised your friends and neighbours when they were in the store as we were all wearing our masks. There was an unknown fear of getting infected and we were all going for our vaccinations. In the meanwhile one vaccination has become many and we seem to be collecting them, the booster days are here, although I no longer bother. I cannot keep up with all the new variations of this virus with their various names. Today I read in the newspaper that yet a new development has arrived.

We are now living with a daily fear.

RDP Saturday: Fear

5 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Fear

  1. I got my booster last week. I had covid in July and am still struggling to regain my brain as it was before, but it will never be what it was before. Partly because of the virus, probably, but certainly because of the world as it has been for the past 2 years (or longer?) I don’t feel like the same person. Studies (which they’re always doing) tell us that our personalities have changed as a result of the Pandemic but I wonder if they knew “our” personalities before the pandemic. I don’t think so. We’re living in a strange new world.

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  2. I haven’t received the 4th booster because I had Covid after 3 shots, so I have to think about it. But I did get the flu shot. I wonder if we’ll ever get out of this mess


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