RDP Sunday: Finish

It was the year 2009 when my neighbour told me that at lunch time the Swiss National Bicycle Race, tour de Suisse, would be passing through our village. So we all got ready and waited at the roadside to see them arriving. We had to be patient, but soon the cars and motor bikes could be seen coming as the advance troop. And then the bicycles arrived. It was quite a tight group and the cyclists were all internationally known, They had quite a speed on those bikes and within a few minutes they had passed through the village. I am not really a bike racing fan, but this was an experience I really did not want to miss. Since that year they have not had our area on their racing route. The race continued through through Switzerland finishing in Bern, the winner being Fabian Cancellera, a Swiss.

RDP Sunday: Finish

2 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Finish

  1. This reminded me of the time when the Tour de France passed through Freiburg (the German one). My niece lived there and she knew a good place on a bridge. So did a few hundred people. We waited for several hours. The tour (including the lead cars and all that) passed us in less than five minutes.

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