RDP Sunday: Bottle

There they are, thrown into the container, ready for the machines to crush them and perhaps for a melt down, but like the Phoenix rising from the ashes they will be reborn again. Perhaps not as large as they were, but who knows. The small orange juice bottle might become the mega Cola version with its new label that it can proudly show the world how it has risen to bottle fame.

Perhaps again to be left, discarded, no longer wanted.

Yes so is the fate of our unwanted plastic bottles. Nobody loves them but we all want them.

RDP Sunday: Bottle

4 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Bottle

      • Every second Wednesday the Council collects plastic bottles,cans, glass jars and bottles cardboard in short anything with a recycle triangle. All plastic bags and clean glad wrap bread bags the film off trays are returned to the store. Food waste is collected in a big green bin,with the garden waste each week.
        Anything left goes in the red garbage bin.
        There are places where all these can be exchanged for cash,too far for our mobility and how would we carry them?
        I think it it 10c per bottle or can and more for glass.

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