RDP Tuesday: Discuss

To discuss you need an audience or at least one other person. The stairs of our cathedral are always populated by people or all sorts. Today it seemed that school was out and the students all met on the steps to discuss the things they had in common.

Me? Since Mr. Swiss is in his senior home I have no-one to discuss with. When I visit him his use or words is diminishing and I find myself reading a book. His world now revolves around himself, and I cannot blame him. I can be glad that he has no serious illness or dementia. Today was one of his favourite talks in the home where the subject is a painting they they are encouraged to analyse.

So I am left to my own devices. On Friday the village has the midday dinner table for golden oldies and I will be going. It takes place in a local restaurant. I went once with Mr. Swiss and found it quite good, but we never went again. This time I am going on my own, although I know a few people in the village and hope it will be interesting. I am also thinking about joining the local Humanist group. I have no religion and this would appeal to me.

So that’s life as it has developed up to now, but I still have my books and computer and of course Lucia, my domestic help, although she has become more than that – I can call her my friend.

RDP Tuesday: Discuss

6 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Discuss

  1. I think we have to reinvent our lives so many times — I learned from FB memories (although I don’t forget the date) that I arrived in Colorado 8 years ago today. There I was, everything changed, wondering what I would do, what life I would invent for myself, who would be in it besides Lily, Mindy and Dusty and my friends 150 miles away. I now have friends, but no one really to discuss stuff I think about. I discovered this morning (again) I use my blog for that. I felt a little sorry for my readers, but we can’t live in a vacuum…

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    • I agree with your last comment entirely. I never imagined that I would be on my own one day without Mr. Swiss, although he is just along the road, but he has changed so much. Today I realise it was gradually happening, but I was so busy with the kids and work. I now realise that the signals were there in the last years. He is now in a good place where he is looked after. there is a lot to say and explain, but not here. I have my blogging colleagues and friends and that means a lot to me.

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  2. This is the sad reality of life, but I think it is important to reinvent ourselves. People can say what they want about blogging and our ‘virtual friends,’ but this place is important to me. Like you, it means a lot to me.

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