RDP Thursday: Incognito

It was not so long ago when we were all incognito. Neighbours, friends, even relations, you walked past on the street, or they were in the store, and you completely ignored them. They also ignored you. Facial features were covered from beneath the eyes to the mouth. Lips and noses were hidden.We were masked, face cover, and you waited patiently until you could enter the store as even the masked were limited in numbers. No longer did you have a name, no-one greeted because you were not recognised. This was not incognito, this was Covid.

RDP Thursday; Incognito

6 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Incognito

  1. I find COVID-19 protocol so ingrained in my post-COVID behavior that I barely can make myself engage in social activities or shop in town. I hope I break the habits at some point, yet the best I’ve managed is dropping the mask.

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