FOWC with Fandango: Feedback

The Autumn Fair begins in our town next week. After a two year pause due to covid, we are free to go again. Business in the town will be again showing their goods and the local public will be examining the articles on display. Objects will be bought although just for the sake of buying something and profits will be made. That is the feedback that will result.

So why do I blog about it. I took this photo and now I am telling you all that we again have action in the town. I hope what I write is of interest, as I am also interested in what you all write. The feedback is registered by a “like” and perhaps even a comment. I enjoy writing here almost daily and I enjoy reading what you also write. Yes, feedbacks are important for most of us, otherwise we would not be here.

FOWC with Fandango: Feedback

8 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Feedback

  1. I look forward to the comments on my posts as well. Sometimes I wonder if I’m posting anything of interest till someone writes a comment letting me know something about a post amused them, caught their eye, or reminded them of a similar situation in their life.

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    • Since Mr. Swiss is no longer here but in a senior home I am alone at home. My No.1 son is at work during the day, my blogging has more importance for me. The only people I have contact with otherwise are neighbours and visits from my No, 2 son and his family who love a couple of hours away.

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      • As a senior citizen myself, I am conscious of the impact of loss of friends and family to death or distances too far for me to travel. Living alone myself, I had to develop a help network in case of emergencies or, frankly, death. It’s kind of pathetic that my most regular social activity is going to dialysis and conversing with the nurses and doctor who staff that service. LOL!

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        • I can unerstand your position very well. I am also getting into touch with organisations in the case of an emergency. Since Mr. Swss is no longer here, I seem to have no social contacts whatsoever. My contacts also seem to be the doctor and dentist, My husband has a mobile phone and is in a home just a few minutes away.


  2. And this coming Sunday we will have the Spring Eco-fest. The first since Covid-19. There will be speeches by councillors, and the Mayor.
    The Schools will provide choirs and all manner of things for sale.

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