RDP Thursday: Frog March

Now this little toad (sorry no frogs here) happened to get through the window into the kitchen, thinking that the bowl of cat food would be a good idea. However, it soon discovered that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. This was a few years ago and we had been having some heavy rain. You could almost feel sorry for it, and marching was not his way of moving, more a hop

I moved in a little closer with the camera to get a better detailed picture and decided it was time for it to go. With an encouraging push he hopped back to freedom and I have not seen him since.

RDP Thursday: Frogmarch

4 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Frog March

  1. What a cute little guy! In California, in the mountains, the frogs came in all the time, little tree frogs most of the time whose color changed depending on the season to match the trees. I liked them a lot.

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