9 thoughts on “FOTD 7th September 2022: Rowan Berries

  1. How nice! Such berries are more popular in Europe, particularly Northern Europe and Britain, than they are here. I suppose that they may also be popular in New England, since I see them in pictures from there. There is an American rowan, but it is uncommon. I purchased a pair of the a few years ago.

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      • They are neither edible nor tasty fresh, but can make good jelly or cooked products. However, I am not certain which sort of rowan they are, and some types are not even good for jelly. They are just pretty in the garden, particularly where there is snow during winter. The plants that I know as rowan (and there are not many here) are species of Sorbus. Your picture does not look like that. In Europe, rowans may also be species of Crataegus or even Pyracantha. To me, your picture looks like Pyracantha of some sort. I know that merely as ‘firethorn’, rather than rowan. (I know Crataegus as hawthorn.) Does this rowan have thorns?

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