The Tooth

Actually I was going to leave it for today. My appointment at the dentist was planned a week or two ago and today was the day. My dentist had a last attempt to fill the tooth about 2-3 months ago, but it did not work and the complete filling with a piece of tooth with screw feel out whilst eating the evening meal. It did not even hurt as the nerve was removed a few years ago and now the rest of the tooth had to go.

In the mouth it feels that the space left from what was the filling in the tooth is enormous, a giant cavern, but now that the tooth is out I discovered how actually small the whole thing is. OK, this is only half of the toof, the rest fell out on it own, complete with screw as a preparation for a new tooth replacement, which never happened.

My dentist is a young lady, although young is relative Everyone is young compared to me. She gave me a few injections to numb the tooth and then carefully began to pull the tooth and she removed it in one piece with no great problem. I did not even have vampire symptoms afterwards, and it was a clean job. However, when I arrived home I was off to bed for an hour. I had some pain killing tablets and have taken one. Now it is just a matter of waiting for everything to normalise again. I have even eaten something. Looking at my tooth it seems to be more root than actual tooth. I was surprised at the small space this tooth occupied. And now i have written enough, so for a relaxing evening.

Life can only get better.

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