FOWC with Fandango: Define

I was busy uploading some photos amongst which was this handsome bug. I had seen them before with their red and black design and so I named it as a fire bug. However, this is not a fire bug. Quickly I was corrected by another photographer who knew his bugs, and he told me that this was actually Lygaeius equestris and not a Pyrrhocoris apteus. As I am not acquainted with the latin names I delved further into their species. Now this bug has a really interesting patterrn on its back and Wikipedia tells me the english name is Black and Red Bug, which is not really surprising as these are its colours.

To return to the Pyrrhocoris apteus you can see that the firebug has a different pattern on its back. It is amazing what you discover on a blogging site. Actually I was also quite pleased, I had learned something new, and discovered a different bug. I wonder if they would meet they would realise the different patterns on their shell. And now I have got my definitions sorted.

FOWC with Fandango: Define

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