FOWC with Fandango: Sea

Shoebryness beach, Essex

We do not have a sea in Switzerland. Somehow when the world was formed, whoever did it forgot to give us a coast line. We have lakes and rivers but no sea with a tide that comes in and out. However when I visited London to see my family there, now and again my friend would take me to show me the sea in case I might forget what it was like. Here is the beach at Shoeburyness, South England in the evening complete with the sea.

FOWC with Fandango: Sea

RDP Monday: Certain

This is a wasp I am sure, but yesterday evening I was no longer so sure what I witnessed in my bedroom. I was just getting ready for a night’s sleep when I heard a buzz in the bedroom. I had a look and saw this lookalike wasp buzzing around my curtain stripes, although this was definitely not a wasp. Apart from the high volume buzz I noticed that its dimensions were twice the size of a normal wasp.

Was this my first meeting with a hornet. I decided that I did not want to spend the night with this in my bedroom. I always have a fly swatter ready for action in every room so I decided it was going to be it or me and definitely not me. I waited until this buzzing monster was on the wall and I pounced. It had no chance of course and was instantly dead on the floor. Did I have a bad conscience? No, definitely not, it was either the hornet or me. My only regret was that I did not take a photo before it said goodbye to this world.

Afterwards I checked on the computer for hornet characteristics and my suspicion was confirmed. Twice the size of a wasp and a larger lower body part. The are also able to sting continuously and do not die after the first sting. And now there is one less hornet in this world.

RDP Monday: Certain