13 thoughts on “FOTD 27th August 2022: Pampas Grass

    • Oh, but it is so invasive! Well, at least the Cortaderia jubata is invasive. The bloom is so spectacular that I would like to grow a noninvasive sort here, but it also looks like the invasive sort.

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          • Cortaderia jubata, which is the invasive species, may not have been introduced there. It arrived here long before anyone realized how invasive it could be. Modern cultivars of Cortaderia selloana lack male flowers, so can not pollinate each other to generate viable seed. They are therefore indirectly sterile. That is likely what is in Switzerland.


        • I can almost remember the pampas grass on the medians of Highway 101 through Ventura. I believe that the modern cultivars were more popular in Southern California than they were here. Modern cultivars are not as invasive as the original species was.

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          • Along the freeways, pampas grass is often caught between 2 k-rails, thus caged in and not invasive at all. There are some nice stands along the shoreline of the Santa Barbara beaches, too.

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          • The types that live there may be more tolerant of cold weather than the invasive sort. The invasive species supposedly lives in some cold regions, but is now rare because no one plants it anymore, and it does not self perpetuate like it does here. I see it on the coast even in the Pacific Northwest, but not very far from the coast.

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