RDP Tuesday: Heal

Not one of my best photos, but taking it in the reflection of glass is never ideal. However, living your mobile life for the rest of your earthly days in a scooter (or a wheelchair) is nothing that ever will be healed. I really do not know what the scientists and doctors are doing but a cure for Multiple Sclerosis has not been found and probably never will be. Every year I visit my neurologist and ask the same question. Have they found a cure? and every year he tells me No. Of course I know the answer, but I like to tease him with my silly questions. All I can do is inject a medicine every second day to slow down its progress, although how do you know you are slowing it down when you have no comparison to prove it. Ten years ago I could walk with no noticeable problems and today I am a walking advertisement for the Ministry of Silly Walks. Monty Python would be proud of me. No the human race has not yet found a cure and in my life time probably will not.

RDP Tuesday: Heal

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