FOWC with Fandango: Rekindle

Yes I am rekindling. This is my Kindle reader and I have discovered books again.

When I opened my Kindle today it was even telling me that my Akku was almost empty, which was a warning to upload it. It is now being fed with electricity that I can read again this evening. As you can see it is in the German language, although I read English or German according to the book. This is a book from the Danish author Adler Olsen, Victim 2117 and was only available in the German version for me for some time. Now the english version has also been published. . He wrote a series concerning a police department and I am now catching up on the last three books. I used to read a lot, but with various problems, I had no time to read. Now I am discovering books again.

I actually rarely read an actual book as I prefer the Kindle. I have a built in illumination and find it easier to have the kindle in my hand as books have become too heavy for my hands.

FOWC with Fandango: Rekindle

RDP Friday: Purple

Nothing purple here, but I did get some good photos on a local building site of people. I have no idea what was happening but I got curious when I saw this drone flying around.

And then I saw these people standing on the top of the crane.

Actually they were all over the crane. This guy even gave me a wave when he saw me taking photos from my garden.

Eventually they all descended through the precarious built metal ladder, and the drone accompanied them on the way down.

RDP Friday: Purple