FOWC with Fandango: Week

Since living on my own after 55 years with my Mr. Swiss life has changed. Weeks used to be a regular system. Mornings clean the home, cook lunch and afternoons go shopping or have some me time, although me time was variable. I was not unhappy, just the “normal” daily life of a housewife. For 30 years I was a working woman with an office job as an export clerk. I quite enjoyed my working life, it kept me active and developed my computer skills and I had contact with others. I exported goods from our company mainly in the english speaking countries, working in a German speaking part of Switzerland. English speaking meant Asia and America and their import laws were not always easy to follow especially when payment terms were involved, such as Cash against Documents, or Letter of Credit. I learned it all and saw many changes through the years.

One day retirement arrived, Mr. Swiss already being retired as he is 8 years older than myself. As the years progressed our bodies no longer functioned as they should. I became a victim of Multiple Sclerosis and slowly had to rely on improvements in my mobility. Mr. Swiss just got old and more fragile and the day came when he entered a senior home and I was alone at home with my No. 1 son who is an autist. I think being alone with the surrounding silence was the biggest disadvantage for me.

Life goes on and I discovered the solutions to all problems is to adapt, stay on the positive side. I could move with my scooter, I had a walking frame which I could mount on my scooter, so life became a little different. I even discovered advantages. My mornings were now alone for me, my son working and I realised that there was a morning life in my area. I did some shopping in the morning and discovered our vegetable and flower market every Wednesday morning. We even have a monthly market. There was even a supermarket delivery so shopping was at a minimum and I would have the groceries delivered during the week.

Luckily my husband is in a golden oldie home just around the corner so I visit him often, usually in the afternoons – yes even in the afternoon I have time. My MS disability is more or less under control. It will never improve, but I have a good doctor and am not so badly affected as other cases. My problem is walking mobility, but I can still manage my household chores with the help of a wonderful lady who is my cleaner, although she is more then that and has become a very dear friend.

So weeks have changed, but are now different, just look forward I say.

FOWC with Fandango: Week

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