FOWC with Fandango: Mosquito


I know it is not a good photo, but mosquitos do not usually appear during daylight. They have the habit of buzzing around in the dark hours when you can hear them and afterwards feel them. It happens here regularly at the end of July, through August, and September. The buzzing sound passes you ear and then it stops. You know it strikes, but where? And then you begin ot scratch your arm, perhaps even your face. and a small bump arrives. No worry, it is just a female mosquito collecting some nice warm blood to incubate her offspring.

Of course there is a method to deter these horror of the night.

And here it is. I am not sure how it works, but you plug it into the eclectric current and switch it on.

It might be sending a signal out to say “Death to all mosquito babies”, but it works. Since I heard my first mosquito and got attacked a month ago I plugged this in during the night and since then I have not seen or heard another mosquito, so it must work.

When Mr. Swiss moved into his golden oldie home I was organising and found at least five of these. I now have one in the bedroom and another in the living room. Mosquitos have no chance of survival at my place.

FOWC with Fandango: Mosquito

RDP Tuesday: Crack

When you are on your way in a scooter cracks became embedded on your brain and you know where they are. These are harmless cracks, no problem, and you do not even feel the bumpy parts. As I go further, I know what is coming.

This is the famous crack, the mega crack, the one I have to avoid every time I go into town. It probably began as a crack, but after the snow and ice and rain attacked the crack it widened itself and now a crevice with steep edges. Unfortunately it is in the middle of the sidewalk, but luckily the space between the wheels of my scooter allows me to place this giant in the middle so I just drive over it with no problem. It has been there for at least five years. Everything has been repaired surrounding it, even new railway tracks have been laid, but this hole remains. When you are permanently travelling by scooter these little things are engraved in your memory. I know when it is coming and am prepared for it.

RDP Tuesday: Crack